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Tired of the do nothing "Good Ol' Boy" politics crowd in City Hall?
Tired of all the decisions being made by special interests?
Let's elect someone who really knows and represents our community!

Breaking News!
Beryl Baker charges the Arizona Daily Star Newspaper with "political bias" in its interviewing process for candidate endorsements. The Star is interviewing Democratic and Republican candidates together, excluding the Green candidates. Greens are being offered "separate but equal interviews."  In protest of this discriminatory and undemocratic process Beryl has told the AZ Daily Star that she will not participate in a solo interview.
This is the kind of leader you want in City Hall!  Read the entire Press Release.


Hear Beryl in a series of interviews talking about issues that matter to you!

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Beryl Baker

Green Party Candidate for Tucson City Council

Although she is running to represent Tucson's Ward 1 on the City Council, Council members are chosen City-wide. All Tucson voters will be able to vote for Beryl. Look for her name on your Mail-in Ballot beginning October 19th!

Beryl Baker will be an effective councilwoman and have an open door policy to any constituent who has ideas and solutions to help Tucson achieve a vibrant, job-oriented future. Beryl has been active in Tucson community issues for over 25 years. She has delivered great things as a volunteer and activist on local issues like water, neighbor- hood concerns, supporting small business, land conservation, fair taxes, and animal protection.

Beryl believes we must understand the relationship between the Economy, the Environment and the Human Condition. She recommends anyone interested in these issues to checkout Lester Brown's World on the Edge at
www.earth-policy.org . As a long time advocate for neighborhoods and environmental issues, and through her many years of working in the community, she has a deep understanding of the diversity that is Tucson and the needs of its citizens. As Beryl recently said in an interview,

“We need a different kind of Councilperson. One person on the City Council I admire is Steve Kozachik, from Ward 6. Although I don’t always agree with him on the issues, he listens, he studies the problems, he doesn’t take things for granted, he asks pointed, intelligent questions and he’s a real problem-solver. This is the type of style I would expand in City Council. We don’t need more government we need smarter government!”

Beryl believes that the key issues for Tucson in 2011 are:

Jobs and the Economy - The City needs to support small businesses, as they provide 80% of the jobs. Many jobs can be created by promoting investment in modern technology, reducing energy consumption, encouraging solar power, and providing more and better public transportation. City codes can be changed to mandate efficiency and solar power in both new and restoration projects, along with new City owned facilities. Working closely with the U of A and small businesses, we can produce jobs, save money, reduce our energy footprint, attract new industries, and build a stronger economy for Tucson’s future.

Fiscal Responsibility - No more Rio Nuevo giveaways! The City should get out of the developer business and make housing and commercial developers pay their fair share for roads and utilities. We should concentrate on the City doing a better job on traditional city services such as police, fire, parks, trash and recycling, and fixing potholes. We need to balance City income with filling the City's most important needs first!

Protect Tucson’s Quality of Life - Our recreation and natural resources attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each year and make Tucson a desirable place in which to live. Our quality of life is attractive for new businesses to start up and old ones to relocate. This must be protected. Jobs and a strong economy go hand and hand with Tucson’s good quality of life.

Water - The long drought in Southern Arizona is not going away, and Tucson’s climate is changing. We need new strategies and City policies to conserve water that don't penalize citizens for conserving, that reduce per capita usage, and that improve large scale water harvesting, so Tucson will have enough water for years to come.

For more details on these and other important issues in our community, go to the Campaign Issues Page.

At this time in our history, people don't trust their government to make the right decisions or to provide the needed leadership. They are feeling overwhelmed and powerless to affect changes in government -- they’re just trying to survive in these hard times. We are facing the worst economic times since the Great Depression. Beryl knows that we didn't get out of the Great Depression by slashing services to the public, ignoring the needs of the poor, the infirm and the jobless, or by catering to big business and worldwide corporations in the mistaken hope that they could somehow be our saviors. Only through positive community efforts can we begin to turn around our lives and our economy!

Your voice is important to
Beryl Baker email or call with your concerns, suggestions, and please volunteer to help!

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A schedule of upcoming events and speaking engagements is available through the campaign email.

Beryl's Growing List of Endorsements:

Kent Solberg, Co-Chair Green Party of Pima County.
Salle Hunter, former Co-chair Green Party of Pima County.
Claudia Ellquist, former Co-chair Green Party of Pima County.
Gene Chewning, Church Pastor and former candidate for Congress.
Green Party of Pima County,  Steering Committee

And many more . . .


Ten Key Values of the Green Party of the United States: 

ecological wisdom * social justice * grassroots democracy * nonviolence *decentralization * community-based economics * feminism * respect for diversity * personal and global responsibility * future focus/sustainability


Beryl Baker for City Council  * Chairman: Kent Solberg  *  Treasurer: Lucho Nelson

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